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Tango bag


Heat-sealed non woven bag with bottom gusset. Three sizes available:17x22x6,5, 20x30x10, 30x40x10 and 50x45x10cm. Available in 14 colours. Die-cut handle.

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Volume discounts

Quantity Discount
500 2%
2000 4%
5000 6%
Line essential
Style plain
Category non woven bags
Type heat-sealed bag with bottom gusset
Material non woven
Weight 80 gr/m2
Production heat-sealing
Handle type die-cut
Size 17x22x6.5 cm - 20x30x10 cm - 30x40x10 cm - 50x45x10 cm (width x height x gusset)
Size/Carton Bag 17x22x6.5 cm - Carton 59x39x10 cm | Bag 20x30x10 cm - Carton 45x35x18 cm | Bag 30x40x10 cm - Carton 47x30x40 cm| Bag 50x45x10 cm - Carton 59.5x47x31.5 cm
Pcs/Carton 200
Size/Pallet 80X120 cm
Pcs/Pallet Bag 17x22x6.5 cm - Pcs/Pallet 12800 | Bag 20x30x10 cm - Pcs/Pallet 8000 | Bag 30x40x10 cm - Pcs/Pallet 4000| Bag 50x45x10 cm - Pcs/Pallet 3200
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